Bioblitz update: 7th October

Back in May, we participated a bioblitz to identify as many species of plant and animal as possible around Castle Meadows. On Tuesday 7th October, Sue Parkinson from the Monmouthshire Environment Partnership will be talking about the bioblitz and its results to the Abergavenny local group of the Gwent Wildlife Trust. Non-members are very welcome to join us at St.Michael’s Centre, Pen-y-Pound for a 730pm start (£2 entrance).


Many hands…

Halifax-teamMany thanks to the group of ten Halifax staff from across South-East Wales and Gloucestershire who joined the Friends and Keep Wales Tidy for this morning’s work party as part of the bank’s community volunteering programme. The extra help resulted in excellent progress in two areas – continuing the removal of Himalayan Balsam from the copses before it has a chance to set seed, and also clearing several sacks of litter that had been left on the island. We hope they enjoyed their morning’s exercise in the sunshine.

Report of July Meeting

As summer approaches, the invasive plants in the meadows are coming into flower. To prevent them setting seed and creating a worse problem next year, we have started cutting down the Himalayan Balsam rather than pulling it up. Keep Wales Tidy are helping by spraying individual Giant Hogweed plants.

The judge visiting Abergavenny for Wales in Bloom will be visiting the Meadows. Further in future, it has been announced that Castle Meadows will be the venue for the National Eisteddfod in 2016. We look forward to working with the council to plan the use of the Meadows and to secure the legacy of hosting this major event in Monmouthshire for the first time in a century.

We have conducted a survey to identify the worst areas for dog fouling and will be aiming to increase awareness among users of those parts of the Meadows.