Castle Meadows is an area of traditional floodplain meadow between the town of Abergavenny and the River Usk. The Friends of Castle Meadows are a volunteer group who work with the local council with the aims:

  • to increase, restore and enhance the bio-diversity of the Meadows;
  • to support and enable access to the green space;
  • to develop the Meadows as an educational and recreational opportunity for all;
  • to support and enable walking and cycling routes across the green space.

Our annual report for 2014 provides a summary of our activities.

We hope that this website will encourage you to enjoy the Meadows and help us to support them.


The meadows are managed traditionally, being left to grow through spring and early summer. They are then mowed and the hay collected for animal feed. Through the second half of the year, cattle graze the meadows to keep the grass short. A botanical survey in 2013 found that this regime had succeeded in increasing the diversity of plant species in the meadows and should be continued. This system favours spring flowers: visit the meadows in May or June to see them at their best.

Having grassland, hedges and wooded areas, next to a river, the meadows attract a wide range of birds. We also have lists of the moths, molluscs, beetles, bees, butterflies, dragonflies and other invertebrates found in and around the meadows. There are shorter lists of the fish, amphibian and mammal species.

News about wildlife on the meadows

Formation of the Meadows

Alan Underwood has provided an article on geology: the making of the meadows and the surrounding landscape.

We are planning to add information about the history of the meadows


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