Walks: Spring 2018

Spend a couple of hours learning more about the meadows on our free walks, led by local experts. Walks are suitable for the disabled, though some areas may be muddy. Scooters available from Abergavenny Shopmobility if booked in advance (0800 298 3656). Dogs on leash only.

June 16: What’s that plant. Meet Sheelagh Kerry, 10am, Byefield Lane Car Park.

June 30: Bug hunt. Meet Steve Butler, 230pm, Byefield Lane Car Park.

July 14: Butterflies. Meet Jeff Davies, 11am, Byefield Lane Car Park.


Summer Events Programme

Something to look forward to! No need to book – just come and join us at the place and time stated.

  • Sat 15th July: Bug and insect hunt – meet Rebecca Ward/GWT staff, 2pm Byfield Lane Car Park
  • Sat 12th August: Birds, bugs and dragonflies – meet Steve Butler, 9.30am Byfield Lane Car Park

Outdoor events subject to weather conditions: please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Cystadleuaeth ffotograffig – Mehefin 2016

“Y byd naturiol yn y Fenni a’r cylch”

Mae Cyfeillion Dolau’r Castell wedi lansio cystadleuaeth ffotograffig i ddangos y Fenni a’r amgylchedd ar eu gorau – ac arddangos yr enillwyr yn ystod Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru Sir Fynwy a’r Cylch 2016.

Thema’r gystadleuaeth, a noddir gan Shackleton Photographic yw ‘Y byd naturiol yn y Fenni a’r cylch’ ac mae categorïau ar gyfer plant a hefyd oedolion gyda thystysgrifau a thalebau i enillwyr.

Caiff y ceisiadau buddugol eu dangos ar y Maes yn Nolau’r Castell yn ystod yr Eisteddfod rhwng 29 Gorffennaf a 6 Awst, a gallai miloedd lawer o ymwelwyr eu gweld.

Telerau ac amodau

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The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Castle Meadows will be held in the King’s Arms, Abergavenny at 7pm on Monday 6th October


1 Apologies for absence

2 Treasurer’s Report

3 Chair’s Report

4 Election of Honorary Officers

The current officers have agreed to be re-elected, as follows:

  • Helen Trevor-Davies (Chair)
  • Anthea Fairey (Vice Chair)
  • Benita Kelly (Secretary)
  • Jay Shipley (Treasurer)

5 Any other business

Tigers in the Car Park

feathered gothic moth

Feathered Gothic moth

How far would you travel to see a ruby tiger? These tigers, not to mention a canary shouldered thorn, a burnished brass and a feathered gothic were all in Byefield Lane car park last night. They, along with a host of other exotically-named species, are all moths, found for us by Martin Anthoney of the Monmouthshire Moth and Butterfly Group.

Mothing turns out to involve a less peering into bushes than bird-watching and less walking than botany. Instead, ten of us joined Martin around a bright lightbulb and waited for the moths to turn up. Once close to the light most of them settle down either on the white sheet or egg-trays provided, and sit obligingly still while you compare them to the pictures in the field guide.

Even identification is easier than I had expected with around five hundred different species present in Monmouthshire. These macro-moths are large, similar in size to many butterflies, some are brightly coloured, and most have clear and distinctive patterns. Even on what was apparently a relatively quiet night, we were able to identify at least eighteen different species. The least expected was also one of the plainest: a mouse moth, so called for its habit of scuttling across the ground, like a mouse!

The evening was a fascinating introduction to a group of animals I hadn’t really looked at before. I’m told mothing can get addictive…

List: Brimstone, Burnished brass, Canary shouldered thorn, Centre barred sallow, Common marbled carpet, Common white wave, Dusky thorn, Feathered gothic, Flame carpet, Flame shoulder, Green carpet, Large yellow underwing, Mouse moth, Ruby tiger, Setacious Hebrew character, Six-striped rustic, Snout, Square spotted rustic