On October 11th, the Abergavenny Rainbows took advantage of a gap in the bad weather to plant daffodil bulbs in a corner of the meadows. Watering in was not considered necessary, given the forecast!Rainbows planting daffodils


Abergavenny in Bloom

The “Brownie Patch” is the result of a community effort.  The patch was rotavated by the Greenfingers team (a social service group for individuals with learning difficulties).

The patch was seeded with native wildflower seed by a group of Abergavenny Brownies. Petunias were grown by the Greenfingers team. Weeding, watering and in-filling has been carried out by the Friends of Castle Meadows. The age profile of the individuals who took part is 7-70 years.

We chose the site because it is accessible to all including those with limited mobility.

We would like to thank everyone who took part and also to all those walkers and dog-walkers who stopped by the patch to encourage us.

Cleaning the Cibi

With water courses the main focus Keep Wales Tidy’s 2018 ‘Spring Clean’ programme Friends of Castle Meadows volunteers recently played their part by ‘Clearing the Afon Cibi’.

The event had been scheduled for St David’s Day itself but the heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures led to its postponement. One week on the Friends’ clean up, along with the faster flow resulting from the snowmelt, meant that a previously part blocked 60 m stretch of the river was running clear and fast towards the Usk by the end of the session.

Along with the 6 bags of waste taken away at the end, among the more noteworthy removals was a car wheel and tyre as well as a vehicle’s complete exhaust pipe cunningly camouflaged as a fallen log.

Pictured are FCM volunteers alongside the Cibi.

Below the surface…

Digging dip wells in the meadowsAlthough the river Usk is a major factor in the meadows, flooding them most winters, we don’t know much about the water the rest of the year. We’re planning to improve our knowledge by installing dip wells – small, covered holes about a metre deep – so we can take regular measurements of how far below the ground surface the water is. While digging, we also took a soil sample that will be analysed to see what nutrients it contains. Since each flood leaves rich silt on the surface of the meadows, we’re expecting quite a lot.

Winter Work Parties

The ideal way to warm up on a cold morning. Join us for our work-parties in and around the copse (Mill St entrance to the Meadows). Strong shoes, gloves and warm clothes strongly advised:

  • Thu 14th Dec
  • Thu 4th Jan
  • Sat 6th Jan
  • Thu 18th Jan
  • Thu 1 Feb
  • Sat 3 Feb

Planting for a wild harvest

Brownies from Abergavenny and Goytre recently planted a wild harvest spinney in the copse. The thirty strong group greatly enjoyed the planting process, with each tree anchored by a marker with their name on it. The brownies also named trees for parents and grandparents, and they greatly look forward to seeing the trees grow in size over time.

We hope this is the first of many activity visits for the girls – with perhaps some of the skill tasks we’re able to set them linking to brownie badges.

Replanting Commemorative Trees

We’re continuing to try to achieve our aim of planting 100 trees in the Meadows to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Replacing stolen trees

Unfortunately, as the article in the Chronicle explains, it seems that someone wants to stop us doing that, by stealing the trees we plant. Not only is this very distressing for the people whose relatives are being remembered, it’s also damaging the meadows for everyone. We’re working with the police and council to try to stop this vandalism.